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Typesetting chemical structures.

XyMTeX is a set of packages for drawing a wide variety of chemical structural formulas in a way that reflects their structure. The package provides three output modes: ‘LaTeX’, ‘PostScript’ and ‘PDF’.

XyMTeX’s commands have a systematic set of arguments for specifying substituents and their positions, endocyclic double bonds, and bond patterns. In some cases there are additional arguments for specifying hetero-atoms on the vertices of heterocycles. It is believed that this systematic design allows XyMTeX to operate as a practical (device-independent) tool for use with LaTeX.

The author is Shinsaku Fujita. The package is Copyright © 1993-2005,2009,2010,2013 Shinsaku Fujita.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 5.06 Catalogued: 2013-11-19