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"Extras" for LaTeX users of XeTeX.

The package loads the fixltx2e package from the LaTeX distribution, and etex.sty from the e-TeX distribution.

The package then patches the \- (discretionary hyphen command) to use the current hyphen character (which may be different from than the default, which is the character at the ASCII hyphen slot), and loads the realscripts to patch the \textsuperscript command (from the LaTeX kernel) and the \textsubscript command (from the fixltx2e package).

The package is loaded by the fontspec package, so that it should not ordinarily be necessary to load it explicitly.

The package relies on the metalogo package for typesetting the XeTeX and XeLaTeX logos.

The author is Will Robertson. The package is Copyright © 2006-2007 Will Robertson.

License: lppl Version: 0.5e Catalogued: 2012-03-06