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An IDE for LaTeX on MSWindows.

TeXnicCenter is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing LaTeX documents on MS Windows (Windows 9x/ME, NT/2000/XP/Vista/7). Features include:

  • Project orientated integrated development environment for LaTeX documents;
  • Definition of unlimited ‘output types’ (i.e. DVI, PostScript, PDF);
  • Fully customizable editor;
  • Structure View that shows the structure of the whole LaTeX document, even if it is split into several files using \input or \include;
  • Simple insertion of LaTeX constructs by menu or toolbar;
  • Compilation of the project in the IDE: simple jumping to errors, warnings and bad boxes;
  • Support for document templates;
  • Fully customizable menu and toolbars in modern look and feel;
  • Support for English and German languages.

See also miktex winedt winshell.

The author is Sven Wiegand.

License: gpl Catalogued: 2014-01-14