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An equality test for use in MetaPost.

This file provides a general equality test macro for objects of any type based on code from Appendix D of The Metafont book, but adapted for Metapost. Unfortunately it is no longer fully general, because Metapost lacks the bitmap-oriented operations like cull and totalweight, which are needed when testing for the equality of two pictures.

A particular useful feature of this package is the patheq macro to test for equality of two paths. This might prove handy when processing data files with the Metapost graph package, that contain data for an unknown number of paths separated by blank lines. In that case one might use patheq to check whether the last path read is actually the same as the first one, having started over from the beginning.

The author is Ulrik Vieth.

License: noinfo Version: 1.05 Catalogued: 2012-04-13