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Stellenbosch thesis bundle.

The usthesis class/style files are provided to typeset reports, theses and dissertations that conform to the requirements of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Stellenbosch.

The class file usthesis.cls is based on the standard LaTeX book class, while usthesis.sty is a style file to be loaded on top of the very powerful memoir class. Both options give identical output, but the benefit of the using memoir is that it has many additional command and environments for formatting and processing of a document.

Usthesis is primarily concerned with the formatting of the front matter such as the title page, abstract, etc. and a decent page layout on A4 paper. It also works together with the babel package to provide language options to typeset documents in Afrikaans or in English.

Additional packages are provided for bibliographic matter, note title pages, lists of symbols, as well as various graphic files for logos.

The author is Danie Els. The package is Copyright © 2003-2009 Danie Els.

License: lppl Version: 10 Catalogued: 2012-02-23