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Support files for SoftMaker free fonts.

In June 2009 SoftMaker offered a handwriting font for free download: The Softmaker Stone Handwriting. As handwriting fonts are a quite limited resource in the LaTeX world, the author decided to create support files for the font. Since then, the author has added support files for the fonts Alte Schwabacher, Artistic (regular), Baskerville-Nova (regular + bold + italic + bold italic), Bonita (regular), Broadway (regular + engraved), Canossa (regular + bold + light), Congress (regular + bold + italic), Delano-Caps, Digital (regular + bold + italic + bold italic), EgyptienneStd (light + bold + light italic + bold italic), Flagstaff (regular), Grenoble(regular + bold + italic + bold italic), Helium (regular + bold), Heliumtwo (regular + bold + shadow), Henderson (regular), Iceberg (regular + bold), Inverserif (regular), Jugendstil (regular), Marseille (regular + bold + italic + bold italic), Moab (regular), Nevada (regular + bold), Newcastle (regular + demibold + bold), Old Blackletter, Quadrat (regular + bold + italic + bold italic), Stone Handwriting, Sunset (regular + bold), Tampa (regular), VAGRounded (regular), Velo (regular), Veracruz (regular + bold + italic + bold italic).

This is the base package for all other softmakerfreefont packages, namely:

This package does not include the fonts themselves.

The author is Josef Kleber. The package is Copyright © 2010 Josef Kleber.

License: lppl Version: v1.1 Catalogued: 2014-01-13