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PostScript macros for TeX.

PStricks offers an extensive collection of macros for generating PostScript that is usable with most TeX macro formats, including Plain TeX, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, and AMS-LaTeX. Included are macros for colour, graphics, pie charts, rotation, trees and overlays. It has many special features, including a wide variety of graphics (picture drawing) macros, with a flexible interface and with colour support. There are macros for colouring or shading the cells of tables.

The package pstricks-add contains bug-fixes and additions for pstricks (among other things).

PSTricks uses PostScript \special commands, which are not supported by PDF(La)TeX. This limitation may be overcome by using either the pst-pdf or the pdftricks package, to generate a PDF inclusion from a PSTricks diagram.

Note that this is one of a pair of catalogue entries for PSTricks; the other one (PSTricks) is acting as a “stub”, while editorial work on catalogue entries for PSTricks contributed is completed.

See also pstricks-add.

The authors are Herbert Voß, Denis Girou and Timothy Van Zandt. The package is Copyright © 1993,1994,1999 Timothy Van Zandt, © 2000-2003 Denis Girou, © 2004-2014 Herbert Voß.

License: lppl Version: 2.54a, dated: 2014-05-19 Catalogued: 2014-06-08