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Generate problem sheets and their solution sheets.

The package is designed for lecturers who have to generate new problem sheets for their students on a regular basis (e.g. yearly) by randomly selecting a specified number of problems defined in another file.

The package allows you easily to generate a new problem sheet that is different from the previous year, thus alleviating the temptation of students to seek out the previous year's students and checking out their answers. The solutions to the problems can be defined along with the problem, making it easy to generate the solution sheet from the same source code; problems may be reused within a document, so that solutions may appear in a different section of the same document as the problems they cover.

The author is Nicola Talbot. The package is Copyright © 2011 Nicola Talbot.

License: lppl Version: 3.04 Catalogued: 2013-03-16