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Improving colour support under pdftex.

The package provides macros that emulate the ‘colour stack’ functionality of dvips. The colour stack deals with colour manipulations when asynchronous events (like page-breaking) occur. At the time the package was written, pdftex did not (yet) have such a stack, though dvips has had one for a long time. The color package makes extensive use of the dvips stack..

This package is an experimental solution to the problem, and works best with pdf-e-tex. For current releases of pdftex (later than version 1.40.0), this package is not needed, since “real” colour stacks are available.

The author is Heiko Oberdiek. The package is Copyright © 2000,2005-2008 Heiko Oberdiek.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 1.2 Catalogued: 2012-06-15