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Mathematical fonts to fit with particular text fonts.

The Math Design project offers free mathematical fonts that match with existing text fonts.

To date, three free font families are available: Adobe Utopia, URW Garamond and Bitstream Charter. Three commercial fonts are also supported: Adobe Garamond Pro, Adobe UtopiaStd and ITC Charter.

Mathdesign covers the whole LaTeX glyph set, including AMS symbols and some extra. Both roman and bold versions of these symbols can be used. Moreover you can choose between three greek fonts (two of them created by the Greek Font Society).

See also fourier.

The author is Paul Pichaureau. The package is Copyright © 2003, 2012 Paul Pichaureau for the MathDesign Project.

License: gpl Version: 2.31 Catalogued: 2014-05-14