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Allow tables to flow over page boundaries.

Longtable allows you to write tables that continue to the next page. You can write captions within the table (typically at the start of the table), and headers and trailers for pages of table. Longtable arranges that the columns on successive pages have the same widths. This last contrasts with the superficially similar supertabular package.

Longtable (unlike supertabular) modifies the output routine, and consequently won't work in a multicolumn environment (or in other circumstances where the output routine has been critically altered); it also fails in twocolumn pages.

This package is part of the tools bundle in the LaTeX required distribution.

The authors are David Carlisle and David Kastrup. The package is Copyright © 1990-2006 David Carlisle.

License: lppl Version: 4.11 Catalogued: 2012-05-22