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Fully automated LaTeX document generation.

Latexmk completely automates the process of generating a LaTeX document. Given the source files for a document, latexmk issues the appropriate sequence of commands to generate a .dvi, .ps, .pdf or hardcopy version of the document.

An important feature is the “preview continuous mode”, where the script watches all of the source files (primary file and included TeX and graphics files), and reruns LaTeX, etc., whenever a source file has changed. Thus a previewer can offer a display of the document’s latest state.

See also latexn prv arara.

The authors are John Collins, Evan McLean and David J. Musliner. The package is Copyright © 1998-2012 John Collins.

License: gpl Version: 4.39, dated: 2013-12-03 Catalogued: 2013-12-03