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JustFontIt TeX Edition.

JustFontIt TeX Edition for Win32 is a tool for TeX users. It helps installing fonts in Type1 Binary (PFB), Type1 ASCII (PFA), TrueType and OpenType/CFF to use with TeX.

The major features of JustFontIt TeX Edition are:

  • Functionality of the pltotf, tftopl, vftovp, vptovf tools, all developed by Prof. D. E. Knuth;
  • Direct production of TFM and PL TeX metric files from various sources (PFA, PFB, TTF, OTF, AFM, PFM), including reencoding;
  • Support for response files and recursive directory search;
  • Clear command-line interface; and
  • High performance.

The author is Alexei Kostin. The package is Copyright © 2006 Alexei V. Kostin.

License: nosell Version: 1.1 Catalogued: 2014-05-08