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Construct package bundles

The package offers a means of loading a bundle of (other) packages “at once”, offering a means of reducing the amount of log output as the packages are loaded, and an aide-memoire for complicated requirements. In some ways, loading a package via hobsub behaves much like loading the package in the normal way; for example, reloads are suppressed, as in LaTeX proper, and correct \listfiles output is produced.

Examples provided are a ‘generic’ bundle (comprising the author’s packages that can be used with Plain TeX) and a ‘hyperref’ bundle (comprising packages useful when generating hypertext output with LaTeX).

The author is Heiko Oberdiek. The package is Copyright © 2011,2012 Heiko Oberdiek.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 1.13 Catalogued: 2014-02-26