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Providing LaTeX access to various font families.

Fonts supported are Peter Vanroose’s calligra font (package fundus-calligra; the emulation of Peter Vanroose’s handwriting (package fundus-script; the Washington University cyrillic fonts (package fundus-cyr); the la and lla children's handwriting fonts (package fundus-la); the Computer Modern outline fonts (package fundus-outline); a group of ‘Startrek’ fonts (package fundus-startrek, which contains the fonts it supports; the Sütterlin font (package fundus-sueterlin; the twcal calligraphic fonts (package fundus-twcal); and the va handwriting font (package fundus-va.

The author is Gerd Neugebauer.

License: collection Version dated: 2012-04-17 Catalogued: 2012-04-17