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Verbatim phrases and listings in LaTeX.

Examplep provides sophisticated features for typesetting verbatim source code listings, including the display of the source code and its compiled LaTeX or Metapost output side-by-side, with automatic width detection and enabled page breaks (in the source), without the need for specifying the source twice. Special care is taken that section, page and footnote numbers do not interfere with the main document. For typesetting short verbatim phrases, a replacement for the \verb command is also provided in the package, which can be used inside tables and moving arguments such as footnotes and section titles. The listings package is used for syntax highlighting.

The accompanying codep package and the Perl script provide a convenient interface to the examplep package for authors of manuals. With codep it is possible to generate the source code, the LaTeX or METAPOST output and the compilable example file from a single source embedded into the appropriate place of the .tex document file.

The author is Péter Szabó.

License: gpl Version: 0.04 Catalogued: 2012-06-15