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Access to Adobe's Euro currency symbol fonts.

Provides access to Adobe's Euro currency symbol fonts from LaTeX. The fonts are named using Karl Berry's naming scheme, providing fd files and a style file to use the fonts directly, and providing four macros: \EURtm, \EURhv, \EURcr and \EUR (from marvosym). The actual symbol they produce depends on the currently active font, i.e., they follow font changes caused by \text.. and other NFSS commands.

The fonts themselves are only available from Adobe (though the fonts are free of charge, the licence conditions prevent CTAN from distributing them). Metrics and maps for using the fonts (at all) are available via the adobe-euro package.

See also eurosym marvosym.

The author is Jörn Clausen. The package is Copyright © 1998 Jörn Clausen.

License: noinfo Version: 1.2 Catalogued: 2012-04-24