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Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called "dozenal")

The package supports typesetting documents whose counters are represented in base twelve, also called “dozenal”. It includes a macro by David Kastrup for converting positive whole numbers to dozenal from decimal (base ten) representation. The package also includes a few other macros and redefines all the standard counters to produce dozenal output.

Fonts, in Roman, italic, slanted, and boldface versions, provide ten and eleven (the Pitman characters preferred by the Dozenal Society of Great Britain). The fonts were designed to blend well with the Computer Modern fonts, and are available both as Metafont source and in Adobe Type 1 format.

The author is Donald P. Goodman. The package is Copyright © 2008 Donald P. Goodman.

License: lppl Version: 4.0 Catalogued: 2014-04-25