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Macros related to "Introdktion til LaTeX".

The bundle contains various macros either used for creating the author’s book “Introduktion til LaTeX” (in Danish), or presented in the book as code tips.

The bundle comprises:

  • dlfltxbcodetips: various macros helpful in typesetting mathematics;
  • dlfltxbmarkup: provides a macros used throughout the book, for registering macro names, packages etc. in the text, in the margin and in the index, all by using categorised keys (note, a configuration file may be used; a sample is included in the distribution);
  • dlfltxbtocconfig: macros for the two tables of contents that the book has;
  • dlfltxbmisc: various macros for typesetting LaTeX arguments, and the macro used in the bibliography that can wrap a URL up into a bibtex entry.
Interested parties may review the book itself on the web at the author’s institution (it is written in Danish).

The author is Lars Madsen. The package is Copyright © 2008 Lars Madsen.

License: lppl Version dated: 2010-03-04 Catalogued: 2014-02-26