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Books and tutorials from the “Dickimaw LaTeX Series”.

The package provides are some of the books and tutorials that form part of the “Dickimaw LaTeX Series”. Only the A4 PDF is included here. Other formats, such as HTML or a screen optimized PDF, are available from the package home page.

Books included are:

  • “LaTeX for Complete Novices”: an introductory guide to LaTeX.
  • “Using LaTeX to Write a PhD Thesis”: a follow-on from “LaTeX for Complete Novices” geared towards students who want to use LaTeX to write their PhD thesis.
  • “Creating a LaTeX minimal example”: describes how to create a minimal example, which can be used as a debugging aid when you encounter errors in your LaTeX documents.

The author is Nicola Talbot.

License: fdl Version dated: 2014-02-09 Catalogued: 2014-02-26