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Disable misplaced ligatures in LaTeX documents.

DeLig disables misplaced ligatures in LaTeX documents, using a dictionary approach.

With its original fonts, LaTeX always uses ligatures for the letter combinations “ff”, “fi”, “fl”, “ffi” and “ffl”.

This is not always correct in the German language, e.g., the word “Auflage” may not be printed with an “fl”-ligature, that is, the “fl”-ligature in “Auflage” must be disabled.

This may be accomplished by using the babel-package and the two symbols |": Auf"lage.

The Java program DeLig does this job automatically for you, using a ligature word list. Please note that DeLig is only as good as the ligature word list file DeLig.list it relies on.

This version is intended for German language texts only.

DeLig is partially based on the Perl script rmligs by Björn Jacke, in particular the wordlist data is based on his igerman98 dictionary.

The author is Daniel Warner.

License: gpl Version dated: 2008-03-12 Catalogued: 2014-02-26