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Include graphic (EPS or PDF)/LaTeX combinations.

This package provides a macro (\includecombinedgraphics) for the inclusion of combined EPS/LaTeX and PDF/LaTeX graphics (an export format of Gnuplot, Xfig, and maybe other programs). Instead of including the graphics with a simple \input, the \includecombinedgraphics macro has some comforts:

  • changing the font and color of the text of the LaTeX part; rescaling the graphics without affecting the font of the LaTeX part;
  • automatic inclusion of the vector graphics part, as far as LaTeX part does not do it (e.g., for files exported from Gnuplot before version 4.2); and
  • rescaling and rotating of complete graphics (similar to \includegraphics from the graphicx package).

The author is Christian Schneider. The package is Copyright © 2009 Christian Schneider.

License: gpl Version: 0.2.2 Catalogued: 2014-02-26