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A font for the Cherokee script.

The Cherokee script was designed in 1821 by Segwoya.

The alphabet is essentially syllabic, only 6 characters (a e i o s u) correspond to Roman letters: the font encodes these to the corresponding roman letter. The remaining 79 characters have been arbitrarily encoded in the range 38–122; the cherokee package provides commands that map each such syllable to the appropriate character; for example, Segwoya himself would be represented \Cse\Cgwo\Cya.

The font is distributed as Metafont source; it works very poorly in modern environments, and could do with expert attention (if you are interested, please contact the CTAN team for details).

See also ocherokee.

The author is Alan Stanier. The package is Copyright © 1994 Alan Stanier.

License: other-free Version dated: 2011-01-11 Catalogued: 2014-04-13