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AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX.

The package provides the principal packages in the AMS-LaTeX distribution. It adapts for use in LaTeX most of the mathematical features found in AMS-TeX; it is highly recommendsd as an adjunct to serious mathematical typesetting in LaTeX.

When amsmath is loaded, AMS-LaTeX packages amsbsy (for bold symbols), amsopn (for operator names) and amstext (for text embdedded in mathematics) are also loaded.

Amsmath is part of the LaTeX required distribution; however, several contributed packages add still further to its appeal; examples are empheq, which provides functions for decorating and highlighting mathematics, and ntheorem, for specifying theorem (and similar) definitions.

See also nath.

The author is The American Mathematical Society. The package is Copyright © 1995, 2000 American Mathematical Society.

License: lppl Version: 2.14 Catalogued: 2013-03-09