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Utilities to derive new fonts from existing ones.

The accfonts package contains three utilities to permit easy manipulation of fonts, in particular the creation of unusual accented characters. Mkt1font works on Adobe Type 1 fonts, vpl2vpl works on TeX virtual fonts and vpl2ovp transforms a TeX font to an Omega one. All three programs read in a font (either the font itself or a property list), together with a simple definition file containing lines such as ‘128 z acute’; they then write out a new version of the font with the requested new characters in the numerical slots specified. Great care is taken over the positioning of accents, and over the provision of kerning information for new characters; mkt1font also generates suitable “hints” to enhance quality at small sizes or poor resolutions. The programs are written in Perl.

See also a2ac.

The author is John Smith. The package is Copyright © 1997,2008 John D. Smith.

License: gpl Version: 0.25 Catalogued: 2014-02-26