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Lispmeralda - 2001/06/10
The most recent news is that this archive will probably merge with Emacs Lisp List into Lispmeralada. We hope to have something working soon. Thanks for your patience!

Intent to close - 2001/05/02
Well, due to time constraints on my part, I currently plan to close the OSU Emacs Lisp archive as soon as Savannah allows for non-GNU programs. Savannah is a much more advanced technology; it will allow for CVS access, etc. But the archive will remain open until that time, and probably some time after. Feel free to mail your comments about this to

Using the search engine - 2001/01/21
When using the search engine, please keep in mind that it by default only searches the main archive, which is just entries which have been submitted. The "incoming" archive is a lot of Emacs Lisp code that has been collected from various places on the web; it is out of date, and not necessarily organized.

Search engine - 2001/01/20
The search engine is starting to shape up. Further improvements are planned. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them to

.zip submissions - 2000/07/30
Multi-file submissions in the form of `.zip' files are now accepted, in addition to `.tar.gz' files.

We are reopening! - 2000/07/10
The OSU Elisp archive is now being actively maintained again! For information on submitting your code to the repository, please see the section Submissions below.


How To Submit Emacs Lisp Code to the Archive

  1. Make sure that your code has a clear copyright statement near the top, with a free software license attached.

    We cannot accept code that does not have a copyright. In addition, please use a license that makes your code free software. For an example of acceptable terms, type 'C-h C-c' inside Emacs. If in doubt, send mail to

  2. Please read the section "Tips And Conventions" in the Emacs Lisp manual, and try to make your entry conform as much as possible to these standards. It is not strictly required for submission, however.

  3. Create an Emacs Lisp Archive Entry for your code. For details about the various fields, see here .
  4. Send a mail to containing your ELAE, with the program attached.

Updating your entry

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